A Very Coastal Weekend

Rey and I decided on an impromptu trip out to the beach on Saturday and soon realized that we were driving towards the rain, snow, and really cold winds. We’ve usually stuck to the coastal areas around Cannon Beach and Oswald West State Park, but decided to give Pacific City a try, and did not leave disappointed.

The drive there and back were more than enough reason for the trip – so many old growth forests and steel bridges along the way. Driving through such rugged beauty really helps remind us why we relocated here.


Our first stop was at Cape Lookout State Park where we hoped to do some hiking out to the point, but soon realized the weather was pretty terrible and not worth the 5 mile trek. We will be back soon, though!


We grabbed lunch on the beach at The Pelican Pub and Brewery and splurged on steamed clams, a burger, flatbread pizza and brewskies, of course.20170304_142440-COLLAGE.jpg

After some food, we ventured out onto the beach for a little while. We drove the Jeep down on the sand, which is totally legit, but still made us a little nervous. Every time a wave came within 40 feet of the car Rey started panicking and wanted us to get off the beach. It was probably not a good idea to watch a bunch of YouTube fail videos of cars getting stuck or swept away in the waves prior to going.


The weather was pretty brutal and prevented us from exploring a whole lot, but we’ll be back soon for some hiking. I was really surprised to see a group of surfers (or boogie boarders) out in the water… they were quite hardcore.


On our way back home we passed by this placed called The Vintages Trailer Resort and quickly did a u-turn to check it out. It’s basically a retro trailer park in the heart of Oregon’s wine country. The trailers are all available to rent! I can see a retro wine tasting vacation in our future. =)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarah says:

    LOL! Why would you watch the Youtube videos before?!


    1. Jarrett says:

      Glutton’s for punishment. LOL


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