Downhill Skiing for Noobs

With Justin and Kristina coming to visit for only 2.5 days, we were looking forward to cramming in as much fun as humanly possible in those days, and did not disappoint. The fun started out on Friday 2/24 with our first stop being Serra and then over to Leaping Frog cafe next door for a quick breakfast and coffee. Kristina had an ink appointment at Ritual Arts in the Hollywood neighborhood where she PUT-A-BIRD-ON-IT. While Kristina got inked, Justin and I hit up two breweries within easy walking distance from the shop then ventured onto many more stops.

First was Columbia River Brewing Company, which had some downright delicious beer. They also serve one mean cup of clam chowder!20170224_123819.jpg

After Columbia River Brewing we walked over to hugely award winning (according to the ungodly amount of ribbons on the walls) Laurelwood Public House & Brewery where I had a flight of their most delicious offerings. Kristina eventually met us here for another drink and showed off her AWESOME phoenix (bird) tattoo!20170224_142310.jpg

We caught an Uber back to the apartment to sober up for a few minutes before venturing back out. We headed out again on foot for the Hawthorne Hophouse looking for a particular beer (Fourth Wave from Breakside Brewery) but sadly did not luck out. The night went on for a few more stops before calling it quits – Portland Cider House, McMenamins BackStage, and Pied Cow Coffeehouse for dessert.

The night ended far later than I had hoped, but we were having fun and making the most of it. We eventually made it back to the house quickly headed off to bed for our EARLY morning wakeup call for skiing.

Ski Day!

Waking up at 5AM is really freaking hard after a full day of drinking, but we all managed to get up, showered and out the door by 6:30AM. We drove out to Mt. Hood Meadows Ski area where Rey, Kristina and I took a beginners class and Justin went up and tackled a double black diamond. The class was a great learning experience, but seemed to progress slower than we were hoping. After the class, we managed to do a couple runs down Buttercup, one of the easier tracks. Rey and I did well for our first time downhill skiing, except one little incident on the chair lift. While departing the lift I somehow got my ski tangled up with Rey’s and took a spill right at the lift exit and took Rey out with me. It’s quite embarrassing when they have to stop the entire ski lift for someone… especially when I struggled to get back up for several minutes.

We finished skiing around 3PM and headed back to the car to down some growler beer and head over to Timberline Lodge for a snack and drinks. There was so much snow!!20170225_160801.jpg

On Sunday we decided to introduce Justin and Kristina to an authentic Portland brunch experience, which includes arriving to the place 30 minutes before they open and standing in line, in the rain… no joke.20170226_084025.jpg

The car was already loaded with their luggage so we headed over to Pittock Mansion for one last view of the city from up on the hill. The mansion looked all mystical in the fog!


View from the lookout at Pittock Mansion

After dropping J&K off at the airport, Rey and I promptly came home and napped – well deserved.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarah Jenkins says:

    That’s so cool they came up! Looks like you showed them an authentic PNW experience 🙂 I definitely don’t think I would wait in the rain for brunch…unless it was super tasty 😛


    1. Jarrett says:

      Oh it’s the best… when you come visit we will most definitely wait in line there with you all. 🙂


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