Snowshoeing: 101 & 102

January 28, 2017 – Snowshoeing Part 1

I never would have imagined that my very first blog post would be about snowshoeing, but here we are. In an effort to try new things, Rey and I picked up some fairly inexpensive snowshoes on Amazon and drove out to White River Sno-Park to give this foreign winter activity a try.

We struggled at first with the shoe straps and stopped a few times to readjust, but we quickly got the hang of it and were off hiking around the base of Mt. Hood.SAMSUNG CSC

We only hiked a little over a mile and seemed to spend more time watching and laughing while people flew down the hill on their sleds.SAM_0510.jpg

Rey discovered his new favorite frozen treat, “Italian Ice” and was eating on it every time I turned around.┬áHe was definitely in his element and we both loved rolling around in the fresh snow after working up a sweat.


February 11, 2017 – Snowshoeing Part 2

We drove an hour out to White River Sno-Park for a second attempt at snowshoeing on Saturday. We’re definitely starting to refine our technique and were able to hike a good bit further, until the blisters set in. I’m in dire need of some new boots for my very picky feet.

Rey enjoyed himself an endless helping of “Italian Ice” again and loved rolling giant snowballs down the hill to watch them grow. I think we found our new favorite winter activity.

Rey in his element

The weather was supposed to be mostly sunny and was really a mixed bag. We only caught seldom glimpses of Mt. Hood from around the clouds, but it was still worth it.


White River is really one of our favorite places and usually doesn’t seem to be all very crowded. Families tend to stay closer to the parking lot and sled/tube down the smaller hills. It’s a lot of fun just watching the kids and dogs go down the hill.


We will be back very soon.SAMSUNG CSC



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