A Very White Birthday

I’ve had quite a few white birthday’s, but this one takes the cake. The snow started the day before and came down all day long.

My dear friend Kelly was coming into town for a couple days to celebrate with us, but neither her nor I were expecting quite so much snow! Her flight got in safely, but the roads were a mess, preventing us from picking her up at the airport. She rode the MAX to a closer station and was able to catch a Lift to the apartment.

We managed to get around town on foot the first day and showed her the neighborhood. The following day was my birthday and we were determined to get out and do more. We cleaned off the Jeep and drove carefully up to Multnomah Falls and to the Vista House to catch views of the frozen Columbia River Gorge.

We closed out the birthday festivities with food and brews at Burnside Brewery, bowling at Grand Central, and donuts (in lieu of cake) at Voodoo. It might have been a freezing cold birthday, but my ┬áheart was full of love and stomach full of beer and donuts. – as it should be.

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